Management of hazardous substances

Stringent handling of hazardous substances is claimed by several international regulations. Within the different divisions like production, stocking, transportation or waste management, corresponding laws and specifications has to be considered.

The REACH regulation for instance, regulates a wide range of communication and handling obligations, which amend the national hazardous substance ordinance particularly in terms of safety data sheets.

To manage and implement all specifications, tec4U provides tools and services that help you to comply with these challenges in a sustainable way.

Our services

  • Process integration

  • Supplier communication in order to ensure the necessary database (Obtaining compliance certificates, full-declared material data, safety data sheets and other documents)

  • Generation and support of an hazardous substance register

  • Review of safety data sheets

  • Carrying the functions of an external REACH operations manager


Software GeMaSy


Hazardous substance register for filing safety data sheets including mapping with storage location and location of use

If you have questions regarding management of hazardous substances please contact:

Christian Berres

Telephone +49 681 92747-250

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