Would you like to improve your material data communication?

For the adherence to current legal requirements, professional material data management is indispensable. Entrepreneurial success stands in direct relationship to the fulfillment of legal requirements. In case of violations, liability risks and image damage are usually unavoidable. A basic challenge for the procurement of material data is sensitive supplier communication. Here, the concern is to eliminate reservations and concerns and enter into a cooperative discussion with the suppliers.

Our solution: DataCross

  • Quick and efficient supplier communication

  • Automated supplier address

  • Simple material data management

  • Identification of problematic materials

Software DataCross

Goals of DataCross

  • To address suppliers individually in order to gather material data

  • To archive the data acquired, analyze it, and evaluate it

Implementation of the DataCross

  • Simple importing of product and supplier main data

  • Discreet contact with suppliers to increase awareness of the subject Querying of the implementation status for material compliance at the supplier

  • Querying of initial material data

  • Archiving of the data transmitted

  • Evaluation of supplier data and product data using analysis functions

  • Identification of problematic materials

  • Problem-free reporting in all company areas. Due to export functionality, this is also possible across company boundaries.

  • Introduction of substitution programs

If you have questions regarding DataCross please contact:

Stefan Nieser

Telephone +49 681 92564-120

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