Steps towards material compliance

Are you looking for the optimal method for successfully communicating material data?

Material compliance (MC) concerns the observance of requirements and regulations of relevance for the environment and under international law, as well as company specifications restricting or even prohibiting the use of various substances and/or materials.

tec4U-Solutions has developed a 6-step plan to help product manufacturers and importers ensure compliance with material requirements in an efficient and sustainable manner. The first stage of the 6-step plan envisages carrying out a status analysis in order to develop an action plan. The action plan will focus on further, company-specific steps and will identify the resources required. Depending on the results, the material compliance requirements will be incorporated into existing corporate processes and, if necessary, implemented in the IT structure required for communicating material data. All of the steps will be accompanied by constant supplier communication and/or supplier development. The goal is to continually improve data quantity and data quality.

6 steps to material compliance

Material Compliance Maßnahmenplan

The route to material compliance involves six steps

Who integrates which components, and how, during the manufacturing process?

What procedures are necessary for data processing?

How can suppliers be induced to communicate data about their components and materials, and how can these data be exploited internally?

How to obligatory communicate requirements internal and external?

Which software is suitable for performing data documentation and analysis?

How can the internal and external data processing be optimized?

In addition to this work, tec4U also offers chemical analyses, training courses and workshops.

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