IMDS User Trainings

tec4U offers tailor-made IMDS user trainings in respect to your company’s individual needs in German or English language. You can choose between in-house trainings at your company or trainings in rooms provided by tec4U. After the workshop you will receive a certificate verifying your acquired IMDS knowledge. In addition, we provide free of charge support for upcoming questions until six months after the training.

IMDS for Beginners (IMDS Basics)

In the workshop, the system IMDS will be presented and training will be conducted with focus on general procedures and working with the system. The initial, purely informative presentation explains the history and the strategic background of IMDS and hence representatives from purchase, sales and probably from the management should participate. Thereafter the basic principle of the system IMDS will be explained.

During the second part, the user part, all required working steps up to sending generated material data sheets will be explained in detail, and trained extensively by way of examples. Supervised by the workshop trainer, the participants will enter product data into the HP training system and this way learn how to effectively work with the system.

IMDS Advanced Training

The training for advanced users addresses staff already working with the system in need of an update of their knowledge. After introducing IMDS, we pay attention to the IMDS rules and recommendations in detail. Using your real product data, we instruct you on the compliance with the different OEM acceptance criteria to avoid prospective rejections. In order to improve data quality and reduce processing time, we will develop validation and data entry strategies together.

IMDS Special Request

This training pays attention to your individual requirements and problems, for example:

  • Your customers vary in their specifications. One customer accepts data sheets that another may reject.

  • A very complex construction part causes specific problems. Based on this part we explain data handling in the IMDS.

  • Specific training in the handling of your IMDS in-house system.

  • Your own requirements?

In the workshop, we concentrate on specific issues we agreed upon in advance. We analyze problematic topics and you get tools and tips which enable you to put the acquired knowledge into practice.

If you have questions regarding IMDS User Trainings please contact:

Christoph Bernardi

Telephone +49 681 92564-107