EU Timber Regulation

Would you appreciate legal certainty in implementing the timber regulation?

tec4U offers you software and services for ensuring legally compliant implementation of the EU Timber Regulation No. 995/2010

The sum of requirements calls for a solution enabling the required information to the procured and documented without complications. Such a solutions is offered by tec4U-Solutions with the material data communication software DataCross. DataCross is a cloud-based application for communicating and documenting material data, information on regulated substances (REACH, RoHS etc.) and safety data sheets. Its “Timber Regulation” module permits users to obtain information about the species used, wood type, number of firms involved in the supply chain, the timber’s country of origin, FSC code etc. from their suppliers, and to file corresponding certificates.

If you have questions regarding EUTR please contact:

Stefan Nieser

Telephone +49 681 92564-120