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tec4U collaborates with in the CDX environment and supports system users with process integration, data services and training seminars. tec4U ensures that your company implements a successful CDX system.

What is your company-specific implementation strategy?

The basic requirement for successful implementation is the creation of a suitable processing environment. To do this, there must be a standardized data collection process that supports material data research among suppliers, and there must be a legal basis for requesting that data from suppliers. tec4U assists you in every phase of implementation, all the way to the development and integration of a smoothly functioning material data management system. We will also consult you on resources planning and employee qualification processes.

You choose: temporary support or complete handling of your CDX activities?

With the goal of removing the burden from your qualified staff, and thereby maximizing their output, we consult and support you in creating and entering data, checking and dispatching material data sheets (MDS), and communicating with suppliers and customers. If you wish, we will even take on your entire CDX operation in an expeditious and cost-effective way. Thanks to a history of more than 400 material data projects per year (among them IMDS support), we are in a superb position to securely and competently integrate your material data into the CDX system.

Our seminars show you how to efficiently operate the newly implemented CDX system.

Tailored to meet your company’s specific needs, we will train you in both the technical and operational aspects of CDX. All necessary steps will be explained in detail and illustrated using examples, right up to the dispatch of material data sheets.  tec4U offers individual training as well as web-based seminars. The location, time, duration, number of participants and content is fully up to you. This enables us to ensure that your current level of knowledge as well as all questions and requirements are taken into consideration.

Interested in our CDX-support? We are looking forward to hear from you!